Take back you meetings with automated agendas

Super-charge every meeting

AgendaX makes every meeting more productive. Capturing the meeting topics, participants, notes, actions and follow up issues all in one place. All agenda content is incorporated into your project work automatically and completely integrated into ImpelX.

A flexible meeting management solution that accelerates results long after everyone has left the room.

There is no topic left behind

Adding topics is simple and quick. If desired, owners can be assigned one or more topics. A time limit can also be set for each topic.

Keeping track of which topics were discussed is as simple as a click.

Include and track participants

Including and collaborating with meeting participants has never been easier. People as part of your project can automatically be added for swift agenda making. With just an email address, others can be added quickly as well.

Giving credit where credit is due has never been easier as well. Mark the participants with a single click if they were present.

Capture actions and issues with ease

Actions and issues management from any meeting is quick and easy. All actions are added to the project work plan with ownership and due dates.

Issues are automatically added to the project issues log for management and closure.

Share agendas in a couple of clicks

Sharing an agenda ahead of time or after the meeting is as easy as point and click. If the agenda content is sensitive information, the agenda can be secured with a password as well.

Distribute agendas quickly in multiple formats

The agenda is in the participant’s inbox instantly as a link or a PDF. All the topics covered, participants present, notes taken, actions assigned, and issues created are all included for reference.

The agenda can be shared again as often as desired.

Recurring agendas save time and effort

Referencing previous agendas speeds up the preparation process as well as keeps everyone on track with their previous assignments.

Meeting wizards accelerate your meeting readiness

With a few simple questions about the selected agenda to use, all participants, topics, actions, issues, and any notes are all brought forward for you to review and update during the next meeting saving you time and effort.

Agendas and meeting notes are fun again with the result in your inbox

Streamline your meetings and accelerate your outcomes

From agenda creation to follow up actions, it’s all in one online solution.